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“We are hoping that The Guru will become a personality many people will begin to associate with insurance and finance,” said Ryan Marx, chief executive officer (CEO) of Click n Compare.

“Anyone will be able to relate to him and his tips and advice.” The basic functionality of the new Compare Guru website will remain the same as the current version, with additional features to be added soon.

This next effect in entertainment has been proven by Pooky Media games shows such as The 1st Question and The Dating Casino.

Let us set the stage for a fraction of the cost and let you see in this 360 degree environment where you can maximize impact and production before you spend any money in the physical world.

No longer needing to travel to Universal City in Hollywood, virtual environments allow for people to log in and become part of the show.

It's much more immersive than any flat second screen experience!

We can create any set design, prototype any format and expand your planning horizons quick, easily and prototype your program.

These booklets have a number of valueable coupons inside them and they normally are validated to show they are good until a given date, or having them perforated to show the date the coupons expire.

The startup launched in 2013 and is a one-stop portal for consumers looking to source services such as insurance, mobile, broadband, and banking.

As part of this expansion, Click n Compare will this month rebrand to Compare Guru, in what the company calls a strategic move to join the brand’s counterparts in Kenya and Nigeria as well as incorporate an animated character, The Guru, as a mascot.

American Perforator Company has been in the sole business of building custom perforating machines for over 100 years and looks forward to many more.

We stand behind our product (which is American made!