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They may go on to date women their own age, or to move to different places, but we stay friends. And then every so often, their relationships end, and they return to me. When lots of stamina (and blissfully short recovery periods) meets confidence and experience, it’s a terrific combination.

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I love Boystown, especially on Sundays, but the douchebags have to go.

The neighborhood does seem to attract a certain type of douchebag who parades around in H&M trying to pass it off as Saks -- the Pretend Fabulous.

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Unfortunately, if you're living your life, you have to navigate, or, worse, condescend to interact with, the community of sophomoric people who consider Ed Hardy vintage couture and think it's all right to bring Svedka to house parties.

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Boystown/Lakeview, which had 23.3 percent, was nearly the same as Kenwood and Hyde Park's 60615 ZIP code, which saw 23.4 percent of gay singles seeking relationships.

The 60640 area, which covers Andersonville, Edgewater and part of Uptown, came in second across the city with 32.5 percent of Ok Cupid users looking for same-sex partnerships, followed by Rogers Park (60626) with 28 percent and the 60613 ZIP code, which covers Uptown, Wrigleyville and part of Boystown, at 24 percent.