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A similar controversial story of the favorite former Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is once again making the news headlines. The famous actress Angelina Jolie, and actor Brad Pitt's children custody war is one of the most talked issues so far but with the arrival of an anonymous British man in Angelina's life after her divorce with husband Brad Pitt, is now another hot topic that people can't stop talking about lately.

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The precedents of modern abstract art are investigated through works by the followers of Hindu Tantric art (17th century) and the Theosophists (19th century) who used forms-color as sources for meditating and the immaterial transmission of thought.

The starting point of theosophical abstraction is tied to the story of Annie Besant (1847–1933), who, circa 1904, wrote, “…to paint in earth’s dull colors the forms clothed in the living light of other worlds is a hard and thankless task; so much the more gratitude is due to those who have attempted it.

The public display includes an extraordinary collection of over 400 works by 125 artists and other practitioners from around the world, dating from the late 17th century to today.“Over the past century, numerous exhibitions on color have been organized, starting from perception theories that became popular in the 1960s.

This type of approach is derived from a universalistic notion of perception and its presumed objective value, quite distant from today’s awareness of the complexity of meanings inherent to color which is closer to Goethe than to Newton,” states Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

The exhibition investigates the use of color in art through artistic movements and research that stand apart from canonical histories on color and abstraction, with multiple accounts relating to memory, politics, spirituality, storytelling, psychology and synesthesia.

Artworks come from museum collections such as the Reina Sofia in Madrid, MNAM Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Paul Klee Zentrum in Bern, Munchmuseet in Oslo, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Tate Britain in London, and the Dia Foundation in New York, as well as from the collections of both the GAM-Torino and the Castello di Rivoli, and numerous private collections.

Items can also be viewed on an interactive timeline and map.

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Contributors include undergraduate students, young alumni, and faculty who create mini-online interpretive exhibits using items from a Street Art Graphics digital archive and/or items contributors have selected themselves from off-campus research projects.

And there have been similar cases around the world dating back to 2004.

In one case, a couple in the United States was sentenced to life in prison after their baby died as a result of malnourishment.

Lawrence University made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Click through to view the latest installments in our Weaving the Streets series.

You'll find everything from from popular protests and squatter movements in Madrid to street art in Costa Rica and Italy to "selfie" culture in Thailand. Brush Art Gallery and the Libraries and Instructional Technology division at St.