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Msword not updating pictures

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right-click on the image (instead of trying to left-click to select it).This causes the image to be selected and pop's up the context (right-click) menu.I was vexed by this problem for about a week, then I searched online and came up with this forum. (1) If Field Codes Box is checked, you will see the the code (EMBED Word Picture.8), so un-check this box.(2) If Picture Placeholder Box is checked, you will see the an outline of the picture, but no picture, so un-check this box. Perhaps I received some Word file that had these options and somehow during a Word recovery, the document template got updated to these settings. I spent about an hour trying to figure out what the problem was by Googling, Googling, Googling. Ok, so if anyone is experiencing the same issue as I did here is a half but working solution.Just press the Esc (escape) key to close the context menu, and the image remains selected.this didn't work for me as that was already unchecked..worked was checking "show drawings and text boxes on screen" - it must have previously been checked but after word crashes it must disable it?"X" is a number that is auto-generated by Microsoft Word, which is "X 1" of the previous figure.The problem that I am facing right now is that when a figure is removed, Microsoft Word doesn't automatically reupdate "X".

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If you no longer have the linked files for the missing objects, your only option is to re-create the missing objects (or ask the document author to send you the files).

Using an example to illustrate the situation better: From the Microsoft Word Help: "By default, Word automatically updates fields when a document is opened. To manually update all the fields in the main body of a document, press CTRL A, and then press F9.

When you insert an equation number or a numbered equation, Math Type will normally update all the equation numbers, references, and links in the document.

Resolving this error is simple if you have the linked files.

Today I stumbled across a very simple (and maybe obvious to some) solution...