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He has been at the company for 8 years and worked alongside founder (and music biz icon) Derek Sivers for many years.This is one of the biggest (and the first) independent digital distributors in the world.There currently are three primary producers: Amica (see ‘Node MCU and Amica‘ below), DOIT/Smart Arduino, and Lo Lin/We Mos.1st and 2nd generation boards are easy to tell apart because their size is quite different.

The comparison can be confusing not because there are many different boards (there’s only 3) but because there are several names for the same thing.

In terms of the technology and engineering aspects of Io T, there currently exists a clear separation between the hardware and software platforms, with the majority of vendors focused on the hardware.

Few vendors in the industry currently offer Io T software platforms: for example, out of the top 100 Io T startups ranked by Mattermark (based on the total funding they received), only about 13 startups provide Io T software platforms [5].

But the different processes can easily obscure the nature and quality of the end product.

Whether open source or commercial software is better for a particular company or a particular purpose is a complex decision that is a function of the quality of the software, how well it fits to a particular task, and the skills present in the development team.